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Girl Enjoying Naked Blendz Smoothies


What are Naked Blendz?

Naked Blendz are Australian healthy and natural, frozen, ready-to-blend real food smoothies.


Why chose Naked Blendz?

Our smoothies are healthy, tasty, and seriously fast and easy to prepare. Consistent every time.

Just add your favourite liquid (water, coconut water, milk, juice etc), blend for 30 seconds and serve. 

No time needed for preparation. Little or no mess. No spoiled or wasted ingredients. 


What flavours / products do you have? What are the ingredients?

We have 5 flavours;

Berrylicious - Blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, apple, banana and acai. That’s a lot of berries

Super Green - Spinach, pineapple, pear, mango & hemp seeds. The tastiest green smoothie ever!

Tropical - Pineapple, pear, mango, banana and coconut. It’s like sunset on the beach!

Choc Protein - Cocoa, banana, oats, milk and protein powder. Seriously good for breakfast or at the gym.

Vanilla Bean - Organic vanilla bean, banana and milk powder. Simple but very tasty! Add a shot of coffee?

All flavours come in the following sizes;

150g single-serve Sachets - Super fast and easy to use. For cafes without much storage space.

230g single-serve Cups - Super fast and easy to use. Store and serve in the Cup! For cafes who need convenience.

Our 3 fruit flavours come in the following sizes;

1kg Value Bags - 7 serves – Great value; perfect for home, office or on the go.

5kg Boxes - 35 serves – Super value; designed for large volume food-service customers.


Are there any additives?

No. There are no added colours, sugars or preservatives. Just 100% real food. That’s all folks.


Are you Australian?

You bet! We are South Australian owned with an office in Norwood and packaging in Lonsdale, SA.
We use 100% Australian fruit and Veg .... We believe we are the only smoothie company in the world to do this !  


Are your smoothies vegetarian / vegan / gluten free?

Yes! Our 3 fruit flavours are vegetarian, vegan and gluten free. 

Where can I buy them?

Cafés and Foodservice – ask your frozen-goods distributor.

Customers – ask your local café or other retailer!

Why are they more expensive than just frozen berries / fruit?

Sure, frozen berries at the supermarket cost less. Chances are, that’s not Australian fruit, and you’ll need up to 7 ingredients for our smoothies. That’s a lot of money. These are refined recipes; good luck trying to guess them!

How much liquid do I add? / How much does it make?

For the Cups, just fill with liquid to the bottom of the coloured band (about 2cm from the top). This will make a 480-500mL smoothie. For the other products, scoop as much fruit as you want (say 150-200g) into a blender, and then just cover the fruit with liquid. This will make a 300-400mL smoothie.

What blender should I use?

It doesn’t matter; any kitchen blender will do the trick. 


What is the Shelf Life?

24 months from date of manufacture, but we put 12 months on the products, just to be safe.

Are the cups compostable?

Yes; cups, seal and lids are fully compostable (green bin). No need for a straw with the Sipper-Lid.


Do you sell empty Cups and Lids?

Yes. We sell empty cups for all flavours and lids, in sleeves of 50. 


Why is Vanilla Bean in a plain cup?

We’ve kept this cup design plain so that we can change the flavour from time to time. Ingredients and full nutritional info for all our products is available here.


Why doesn’t the fruit all freeze together, like it does when I make smoothies at home?

Our fruit is IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) so each piece is frozen separately before it is mixed, so it stays fresh and separate in the package.


Why don’t you make Choc Protein and Vanilla Bean in 1kg Bags or 5kg Boxes?

We’ve found that in larger volumes, the powdered ingredients tend to filter to the bottom after a while. This means when you take a scoop, you might not get the right mix of ingredients, and we don’t want that for you.


Any other Questions? 

Please feel free to contact us -

For more information including a video on How to Blendz click here 


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