All you need to do is take your delicious pre-packed smoothie cup straight out of the freezer, add water or the liquid of your choice to the fill line and pour contents into your blender, blend for 30 seconds and then pour back into the same compostable cup it came in and enjoy. Easy as that! 


Whether the kids need a quick after school snack or your running late for work, grab one of our delicious flavours and enjoy them with the whole family.


All you need to do is take your 1kg value smoothie pack straight out of the freezer, add 200gm fruit to your blender along with about one cup of water or the liquid of your choice and blend. More or less water can be added depending on the consistency desired. Blend for 30 seconds and you're done!


Please note: Your smoothies will arrive FROZEN to lock in all the goodness so please ensure you place them straight into your freezer when they arrive! To ensure we provide you with the best product possible at all times, we will only deliver to occupied home and office addresses. If your delivery arrives and no one is at the supplied address to receive the package we will return it to the depot where you may pick it up from.  If this occurs we will notify you of the missed delivery and give you the option to either pick it up from the depot  free of charge or have the items re-delivered to you at the delivery rate charged by the courier.


Tel: 0407 250 609



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